Such a nice Rygar music cover

Lovely music cover for NES game Rygar. It sounds more like title screen music maybe. Not sure how it would be in the game. But I love the vibe in this one. Very adventurous!

Sunsoft style music Corridors 7, 8, 17 & 18

CutterCross created a Sunsoft style music that playing in Corridors 7, 8, 17 & 18 in The Guardian Legend. Really nice to hear how the music would in different chip-tune style. Check it out!

Corridors 7, 8, 17 & 18 – The Guardian Legend (FamiTracker 2A03 Sunsoft-style Cover)

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Guardian Legend by TheSuperDrunk

Zaider – Battle of Peguss

Another game similar to ours Zaider – Battle of Peguss (超戦士ザイダーバトルオブペガス). You can walk out of the ship and walk in somewhere. I don’t know details. There is no walkthrough around. The game is on MSX 1986. Ability to walk inside buildings seems interesting. I read that weapon(s?) can be upgraded. The terrible scrolling is not in this game only. It is quite common for MSX games back then.

Also on nicovideo I found probably a remix of the title theme. Sounds nice so I adding it.

Sunfost style

What if The Guardian Legend was made by Sunsoft? It would sound something like this:

The youtube video sounds a bit like lower quality mp3. So here is link to soundcloud, in case you are interested:

A little bit more music found today. This one is not so good but it’s OK. It’s rather like medley with various songs from the game:

A little bit of music

Once again the guy jzpfplaying recorded something from The Guardian Legend soundtrack. He records a lot of tunes for different games. But our interest is TGL 🙂 So lets check it out!

Art inspired by our game

Sometimes there is art inspired by our loved game. I think maybe I should create a specific gallery section for this. There is not much fan stuff going on currently. But here is some music loop I created from this video – – it has only 1 cycle of the music. The music is from the password section and the final flight as well.

Original poster in case you are interested:

Zen Ninja music cover

The music soundtrack in the NES game: Zen Intergalactic Ninja – is one of the best on the console. Here is quite nice music cover of the entire soundtrack of the game. Hard rock or something style.

Valdroyd – Guardian Legend 2013

Hey guys! Today we listen to the nice music cover by Valdroyd – Guardian Legend 2013.

I haven’t stumble on this tune ever before. And it’s a nice dreamy dubstep. So check it out. Hope you like it! You can talk about games, music and other stuff with other fans of The Guardian Legend on Discord chat. Join here: